Moving in and playing adult // Owning my own house

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As you all probably know from my million Instagram posts, I have now moved into my own house and couldn't be happier.

I recently bought my own Taylor Wimpey house  and moved in on my birthday! Saving up was so difficult but I finally made it to where I want to be, in a house that I own all by myself and playing adult!

When I say playing adult - by that I mean doing adult things like having a mortgage, cleaning the house, cutting the grass and doing my own washing. Yes that's all new to me. Although I lived in University for 3 years and actually lived with my ex for a year, I always had the support of my mum which I am hugely grateful for.

However, now its time to learn everything on my own and keep my house as perfect as it is now.

Some of my main priorities include the bills of course (which I have managed to sort and direct debits are set up), the cleaning (which I am surprising myself actually at keeping on top of it daily), cooking (meh thats easy) and doing my own washing. When it comes to washing my clothes I already have got confused. I currently only have a washing machine (no dryer) and have been using it on the same setting all times. This, I thought was the best idea, but unfortunately I've shrunk my brand new Missguided dress already which I am unhappy about. I think that means I have it on too hot, right?

Well according to research by Data Label at laundry and cleaning news, over half of people find clothing labels confusing which certainly makes me feel better.

Anyway, other than that I have been on top of things and actually excelled my own expectations. On the day of receiving my keys, I moved everything in and got it all in place. HUGE thanks for my friends and family for helping me! I had most things unpacked (except clothes) and in place and everyone was surprised how well I did.

Luckily I had furniture from my old house and saved some beautiful items from my dads therefore had enough things to fill out the rooms. There was a couple of bits I needed like a microwave and a wardrobe (essentials) but other than that I was in and settled all in a weekend. Moving in was stressful but I think we did pretty well in fairness. For this first time last week, it actually felt like home. I got home from work, put on my PJ's, stuck the heating on and got cosy next to the fire. It was perfect!

Here's a few photos (just to show off because I am super proud)

Anyway, I plan on doing a house tour soon and will show you all round. My plans are to focus a lot more on the house section of my blog. I have found a new love for interior design and I think you will all love my style and choices. I have so many tips, and tricks to share with you!

 Here's to some happy memories in my new home :)
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