Sunglasses Wishlist // Spring & Summer

By | Sunday, 20 March 2016 2 comments
SPRING IS FINALLY HERE and as I write this post the sun is beaming through my window so I thought I would share a bright and happy Spring post sharing my favourite sunglasses this season!

Sarah Ashcroft is like the queen of sunglasses and her Instagram is where I find most of my inspiration! It seems cat eye sunglasses are IN right now and I am in love with the brand Quay Australia! However, the same style can be found at a cheaper price so I have summed up my favourites below.

 Quay Australia £31.50
Quay Australia £26.50 also sold on ASOS
Noughts and Kisses £18

My favourites:

from left to right: 

Noughts and Kisses £20
Boohoo £6 
Boohoo £6
Quay Australia £31.50
Noughts and Kisses £18
Quay Australia £29
ASOS £12
Boohoo £8

From left to right:

Quay Australia £30
Jeepers Peepers £18
ASOS £14
ASOS £12
Jeepers Peepers £18
ASOS £10
ASOS £12
Jeepers Peepers £18
Jeepers Peepers £18

I hope this helps you find the perfect glasses for Spring/Summer!

please do share and comment below what your favourite style is?

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  1. Owning all of those sunglasses would leave you with an incredible collection!

    Loved your picks!

    Em //