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Last week I was invited along with blogger Stephanie Jayne to the launch of the Tales of Bath spa treatment at Lush in Leeds. This is my 3rd blogger event in the past week as I attended the launch at Bodyshop too which you can read about here

For those that don't know (I totally didn't have a clue until I attended this event) Lush stores in big cities now have spas within the shop and sell relaxation treatments and experiences. However, these treatments aren't like no other. Lush Spa's aim to give every single customer a unique experience helping them break free from daily stress, bathe, rest and feel restored. This Spring on the 3rd March, was the day they launched a brand new treatment called Tales of Bath and it was so exciting to be one of the first people to hear all about it and experience demos within the spa in Leeds.

However, before we got down to the heaven that is Lush spa in Leeds, myself and Steph along with a number of local bloggers caught up over Prosecco, nibbles and cosmetic chat upstairs within the store! An amazing guitarist played music as we nattered and entertained all the guests.

Image of Glasses of Prosecco
Glasses of Prosecco
image of cakes and nibbles
cakes and nibbles
image of Cute Easter Cupcakes
Cute Easter Cupcakes 

image of guitarist
As you can see below, everything within Lush is majorly Instagram worthy so I took some pictures of some of my favourite products and bath bombs available to buy.

image of bath bombs
Bath full of what looked like pumpkin style bath bombs - little late!

Selfie of me
image of lush bath bomb
This one was one of my favourites! Smelt like summer and looked like a rainbow slice of watermelon!

sakura bath bomb
Sakura bath bomb

The Experimenter bath bomb 
The above bath bomb (the experimenter) was visually one of my favourites too! The guys at the store shown me how they make it and shown us the colours that come out of the bomb once placed within water.

lush bath bomb
making a lush bath bomb

the colours of the experimenter 
And then all of girls got the chance to make our very own bath bomb - the comforter which is Lush's most favourite product in the UK!

We was given the materials (not exactly sure what they were but they smelt amazing) which we then rubbed together to make our own shape and patterns.

This is me making my bath bomb, and the end product The Comforter!

making my very own lush bath bomb

what I made - The Comforter

Which I then got to take home

And then this is where the real magic happened! We entered the Lush Spa which was downstairs in the basement! Everything we touched or saw was either reclaimed, vintage or handmade and looked so cute! As we went downstairs I could immediately sense a change in atmosphere! All of the spa staff wore Pajamas as their daily work uniform and spoke softly to you. We was shown the spa surroundings, the spa rooms and treatments available and got to experience a small demo. After mine, I felt super relaxed and calm and felt inspired to take more time out for relaxation in the future.

The thing that made the treatments uniue was simply the enchnted experfience. All the staff really were passionate about what thbey were doing, one girl told us a story about fairies and presented music to us wth a poem experessing the importance of making us aware that we do not NEED to do anything!

After that, each guest within the spa would enjoy a bubble bath with all the right products the relax the muscles and then enjoy a massage within the treatment rooms.

Want to see? Here is a few pictures...
image of door to spa
door to the lush spa downstairs 
lush spa menu
Lush Spa menu
image of spa waiting room
Spa waiting room
tour round the lush spa with staff in pjs

Tales of Bath - Fairytale 

roll top bath image
roll top bath

The event was perfect and one of the best orginised I have ever been too! Have you got a favourite Lush product? Hs anyone ever tried the hair products? Share your views or links below!

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  1. Love your photos from the event! So colourful :)

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