Girly Day // Sunday Roasts and Matching Plaits

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Today I am going to share with you just a bit about my day with my girlies on Sunday!
When I originally started my blog, I treat it like a diary. I would talk about my day, the people i'd seen an things id got up to! However, after buying lots of clothes and working with brands I started talking more about the things Id worn or at least would like to wear, and stopped doing what I like best ..  talking about me!! :) 

So in this post, I am expressing how we should all take time away from busywork, promoting other brands and just talk about yourself (it's not like we don't all enjoy it).

So on Sunday, I invited 2 of my best friends round to my new house for the first time for sunday lunch and a girly day together. Both of them have a little girl each which they brought along too.

It's great to spent time with them all together, and was excited for them to see my house too. When they arrived after the quick show around, we unpacked some shopping and started to put the cooking on for our much needed sunday roast. We decided on a sausage roast (easy to cook) with lots of potatoes, veg and of course Yorkshire puddings.
To be honest, I'm not the housewife type therefore let my guests to cook for me oooops! They are used to it and good it anyway! ;)

I just served the wine!!

Whilst the dinner cooked, the little ones played games and raided my house for fun things to play with. As I don't have kids yet myself (yetttttt) You could probably imagine I didn't have much for them. However, its surprising to see what kids can improvise with. Who knew a banana makes a great telephone!!

Anyway... the sun was also beaming so we spent the next hour or so sat outside, talking girls, well and boys! yes we felt like 15 year olds again but its a great feeling!!

Once dinner was ready, we all sat at the table and tucked in! It was so cute to do this together and see my two little families with me too! Dessert was then dished up and we all got fat!!!

After dinner, we sat in the front room, chatted away, and played with the little ones. Once Ruby had revealed she's a pro at french plaits, we all sat in a line and challenged her to do all of our hairs! I was first, faye was next and even Madeline jumped in for a go!

And this is what happened....

Once the girls had left, I had a tidy to clean but it was so nice seeing them and relaxing with my friends. Being out on the village I felt a lot closer to home than I was in Leeds however still that little bit out of the way. I don't get to see my close friends as much especially when they have their own little families so it was nice to spent this day together!

Our next girly date is being planned :) ....

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