Nourish Face Exfoliator with Kale // Organic Kale Extract

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7 makeup bags, 2 draws and one HUGE box later I have finally organised all my makeup and beauty products. I have a bag for body creams, face creams, bases and foundations, eye makeup and of course eyelashes too! I love being organised, but lets just hope it stays this way!! 

One of the many things I have had waiting on my 'to blog about list' is the Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser. I had 2 samples of this to trial which I used one before my holiday and one after... heres why...

Pre-holiday my skin was dull, dry and flaky which needed a bit of sun (of course) moisturiser and exfoliation. There is nothing worse than feeling clumpy in the skin before holiday and especially once there. I used this Kale Exfoliating Cleanser to cleanse the face pre holiday, open up the pours and get ready for a makeup free week (I hoped anyway). By exfoliating the skin beforehand this helped the tanning process also. I got rid of the dead cloggy skin allowing my face to feel moist (I know we all hate that word) and refreshed. 

This Exfoliating Cleanser by Nourish has organic kale extract. This just simply means it is vitamin rich, nourishing, providing natural hydration. The sound of it already made me feel fresh and couldn't wait to try it!

Each morning during my face wash I would rub the cleanser across my forehead, nose, under the eyes across the cheeks. I mainly focused on the forehand and around the chin area where I felt the most cloggy.

Mini review

When I took off the lid I immediately thought it didn't look that nice. It had a yellowy colour to it and looked tough in texture. However, once put on the skin you can feel the mousse effect and how creamy it is. I could feel the exfoliating particles circling on my skin but it did not feel rough nor gritty. This is something that I hate about exfoliators therefore was very surprised how smooth yet exfoliating this sample was. 

I found that this cleanser made my skin feel smooth, refreshed and clean however lacked in 'moisture'. With dry skin like mine, I needed to add some oil myself to the mix which actually worked perfectly. 

Other than the texture, the smell was extremely refreshing. It smelt like lemon zist!  

In the morning (when I had time once a week) I left the exfoliator on like a face mask. 

Whilst on holiday catching some rays and in the evenings, I kept stroking my skin noticing the difference it had made. On the very first night I had to apply make up as my face tan had not built yet and it felt satisfying putting on some base. I felt it helped my makeup routine, making it easier to rub in and apply the coverage. 

After the holiday- after the holiday I felt like my skin became dry again (whether it was the cleanser or the amount of sun I had I'm not too sure). Therefore, as soon as I got home and relaxed in my comfy PJs, I applied the cream onto the face as a mask and let it soak. I wanted to exfoliate the dead peeling skin that was clogging up across my nose and also on my chest which I used this for too. I felt like it helped reduce the flaky skin and again made me feel refreshed. The mixture of sunburn and cleanser however made my skin feel tingly but it was in fact quite nice!! 

Overall, I think this was a pretty good product. The fact that the exfoliator finally felt soft, and smooth on the skin rather than gritty and rough was the main take away from this. I have now added this to my face creams makeup bag and will certainly be using it before my girly weekend away soon! I could certainly feel how vitamin rich this product was and wouldn't certainly like to try some others. I have seen a few good reviews on their ageing cream which helped brighten the face and reduce dark circles. I know I am only 22 but certainly something id like to start preparing for ;) 

*This product was sent to review however this is my honest opinion of the product

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