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It's just 4 weeks (or so) until I move into my own home!YAAAAAY! I feel like such an adult and me and Harry cannot wait to start our new life together.

Of course, during this time I have totally changed my shopping habits. I have moved from ASOS fashion shopping and buying the latest makeup, to shopping for my new house. I am an addict right now! Pinterest has been my saviour and I have finally decided on exactly how I want my house to look including styles and colours.

I have numerous wishlists for each room consisting of rugs, tables, flowers and candles! I am an interior freak (secretly something I'd love to do full time). My mum has recently started making things for me for my house, hand crafting items, and sewing cute cushions. She has been a star during this process as well as my step dad! He is great at wood work and currently in the process of making some things for the garden, something I also cant wait to buy for.

Homelife is a website perfect for me! As someone that comes from the countryside, Homelife has the most stylish furniture pieces at pretty good prices especially as they are hand crafted! I love the chic 'cottagy' look therefore have put together a wishlist of items from their website for my dream home.

Cottage Style Living Room Interior by Homelife 

Image Credit: Images of items taken from www.homelifedirect.co.uk 

My plan for my living room is to go for the all white walls with gold furnishings and white/wood touches. I can't wait to be huddled around my open fire in a tub chair like this! The furniture pieces look so unique with their luxury design patterns. The white wood furniture with the brown top contrast is exactly what I would like to create my cottagy look. This wishlist was inspired by these posts on my Pinterest page:

And because I cannot wait to also organise the garden ready for our summer move in party I have also had a peak at their garden furniture and really want this huge table:

This is just the beginning for my home plans. I plan to continue The Modern Country downstairs, adding beams to my kitchen and using cooper industrial lighting to add a rustic look. Upstairs I dream to have an office with thick wood furniture, lots of cushions and throws with a big armchair.

I will soon be writing a blog post about the different home styles that are in this year to help those moving in to their new place choose their interior type.

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