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This weekend me and Eve took a road trip in the mini to Manchester for the Rock on Ruby blogger event!!!

I was soooo happy to have been invited to this event as I love their collection and their idea of a #RORBlogSwap!

 Ok I didn't really get to plan my outfit for this event so thought I would go simple!! I wore my ripped  knee jeggings, with a top and longline grey cardigan and threw on my floppy hat to finish the look!!

This event had everything a girl could want! Cakes, Sweets, Cocktails, Clothes, Games, Prizes and more. As soon as I stepped into the Font Bar in Manchester I just fell in love with the decor. This bar is sooo studenty, with a cute little basement bar and bunting hung. It was the perfect bar for this event and everyone felt welcomed and organised from the beginning.

The ROR ladies including Holly from Rock on Holly had done so well making the place look great, with lots of things to take pictures of, take home, or even better eat! :) Blogger heaven for me !!!

Rock on Ruby were selling their slogan tee's on the day and also organised a blogger fashion swap. Each blogger brought in as many fashion and beauty items they wanted and hung them on the rails ready to swap with another blogger. I absolutely loved this and so many bloggers brought some amazing things. As soon as everyone hung their items on the rails I spotted a cute dress and top I immediately wanted and luckily got to take them home with me along with some new fake tan and nail varnish too!

My new clothes I took away from the blogger swap are so cute... I cannot wait to wear these! They are so perfect for Spring/Summer so I'm praying for the weather to get warm again!! I have straight away tried my new fake tan and surprisingly its really good. One of my lucky little finds from the day :)

Thank you so much to Jenny at @IamJennyChat and @stephyyy_west for these beaut items

Once I got home I chucked on my jammies, and ate my Rock on Ruby sweeties :)

Typically I was too busy chatting, eating and swapping clothes I didn't manage to get many pics of myself so heres a selfie or two (why not)?

After this event, it got me excited for some of the future things I have planned!! For those that didn't get to attend, check out Rock on Rubys Facebook page and their range as they truly have some great items.

Have you been to a blogger event before?

Are you going to one soon?

Tell me all about it :P

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