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If some of you are like me, and experiencing dry winter hair and terrible breakage you may want to start treating it and using the right products to help it nourish and grow for summer!

On Instagram I see SO many people with amazing hair styles, colours, and lengths and it makes me super jealous! It was just 5 months ago I had lucius long locks! My hair didn't stop growing! It was so thick and long and I would do anything to get it back like that!

I really don't know what went wrong! Over summer I noticed it was very dry and my ends were very frail! I often blamed the hot sun and aimed to cut down on the straightening and cover it in conditioner. However, 4 months on its even more short! The ends are like straw and I can never get that nice shine I used to be able to get!

As it is new year, and my resolution is to grow my hair and take better care of it, I have started testing out new products and comparing cheaper products to the some of the more expensive ones! Interestingly, the ones I loved were the cheaper ones as I read so many good reviews on other blogs about these, so thought id give them a try!

When it comes to the more expensive hair products, although I did see different benefits in each, I didn't see a dramatical change. SO when you are paying so much for a product, you expect great results right??

Well... Here are my favourite budget hair products to use to repair winter hair and bad breakage:

1) Garnier Ultimate Blends is my all time favourite shampoo! I don't usually focus on shampoo products I simply see them as cleansing products, however this shampoo is reviewed fabulously all across the web! So many bloggers have admitted to using this, choosing it over anything else! The product is made with natural oils and makes your hair super soft and shiny just after shampooing. You feel like you don't even need to condition afterwards! When using the product it feels super thick, and spreads across the whole head, meaning you don't have to use lots of it. You can pick this up super cheap at ay store for under £3.00. 

2) Elvive Repair Conditioner is swell my all time favourite conditioner! I use this after shampooing with Garnier product above and notice such a change. I feel this product strengthens and smooths the hair, protecting the ends from breakage. Once my hair is dry, I can feel the changes instantly. 

3) Got2Be styling oil is something I use to add to my hair once dried. It helps when styling and eventing fluffy hair, but it also adds a perfect shine with the oil. I have used so many serums over the years and this is the best one. 

4) Hair and Nail vitamins are something I started using over christmas to help both my hair and nails grow. When choosing vitamins like these there is so much variety. You can pay up to £30 for 'good' vitamins but when you read the labels behind on both the expensive and cheaper ones, they seem to be exactly the same product so thought id give them a try. When picking them up, I didn't expect to see any change quickly with my hair or nails because hey girls you know how difficult it is to grow them! But now it has been just 3 weeks I am noticed a big difference. My hair seems thicker and fuller which means something right??

As growing my nails is another one of my new years resolutions, I have started to see more of a change in my nail health and growth. Admittedly, I have had such a bad habit of biting my nails all my life, this is one thing I am stopping doing in 2015 and hope to be able to update you all in a couple of months with an amazing before and after pic!

5) OK this is THE best hair product I have ever used and repeatedly buy it and keep it with me wherever I go. This argan oil spray can be bought form pound land for just £1 (obviously) so suer cheap and worth it. This spray is a leave in conditioning argan oil! I use this once I have left the shower, spray it on the hair and let it soak for half an hour. I also use it before styling with straighteners to protect from heat, and add it to my ends daily for protection. I swear by this product and will continue to buy it until it is taken off the shelves! It does not make the hair greasy, or make it feel dirty. It in fact helps smooth the hair, protect it from damage, and give it more life.

6) And Lastly, Iron tablets! The reason I have added this on here is because recently a kind blogger told me that lack of iron can result in hair loss and damage too. It can make the hair frail and dry and effect nails too. Iron is usually in red meats and admittedly I do not eat a lot of it (very rarely eat meat anyway). So, I was told to buy iron tablets to take along with hair tablets to help increase iron, and boost both hair and nail growth. Ever since taking these I have noticed more of a change than taking just hair and nail tablets on their own. I am currently taking these once a day in the morning both together and aim to continue for a few months to be able to measure any sort of change.

I hope this little post helps you find the right products to repair your water hair! I genuinely believe everyone suits different products however if you are like me and usually have long thick healthy hair but have noticed a big change in your growth, then try these budget products out and let me know how you get on :)

I aim to update you in a few months of both my hair and nail growth so follow me on bloglovin and keep updated with my progress 

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  1. I haven't tried any of these products - I've heard that evening primrose oil,tablets are great for the hair and skin x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness