Top 4 Fashion Finds This Month!! xx

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I want to show off 4 of my top purchases this month!

This month I have found some great fashion... pieces at some great prices! Shopping for me has been difficult lately! I'm in this middle zone between a size 10-12 and feel everything in at the minute is crop! 

But this month I have found 4 items that I will for sure repeatedly wear! I am in love with tartan patterns and country items so here is a round up of what, where and how much:

1. In the top Left is my latest item but favourite of all and it is my red Tartan Skirt! This Skirt is an A line skirt in a denim/jean material. This adds structure to the skirt and I think gives it a cute shape to it! The skirt is from Motel Rocks and cost just £29! Looks great with a black roll neck top, cute knit for winter, with tights and little chelsea boots.

2. On on the right at the top is my faux furr headband! This headband is thick and furry keeping my hair and ears warm in this cold weather! I looked everywhere for one of these at a reasonable price with a nice pattern and this was the best I found. The colour goes well with my hair and was simply from Newlook costing £7.99! Bargain! The same headband is in Topshop for over £25!!!

3. Bottom left are my country chelsea boots! As I literally live in these all year round I wanted to buy some cheap ones so I had 2 pairs to choose from. These boots are VERY comfy, stretchy with the middle band, and warm (surprisingly). I bought them from Ebay for just £14.99!!! I always just type in Chelsea Boots into Ebay and there are many choices to choose from! I took the risk and they are my fave pair!

4. And last but not least, bottom right is my longline cardigan/kimono in dogtooth print! I came across this rumbled under piles of clothes and thought what a great item! It didn't have a tag so I took it to the till in hope that it wasn't too pricey! and luckily the cashier shocked me and told me it was £1!!! Yes you read right £1. This item was from Primark but still £1 is an absolute treat!

If anyone would like a link to buy any of these items I am happy to help! and if anyone else has any top buys I would love to see your tips/posts! :)

Happy shopping!

My Christmas post is here where you can find out where my cute jumper is from!
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