New Me and How I Lost My University Weight !!

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I have looked back at some of my blog posts and promised an update on my weightloss and realised that I hadn't! From my last weight-loss progress post, I have improved so much!

The last I shared, I had lost 1 stone and a half and just returned from Egypt! That was over 1 year ago now and I am happy to announce I have lost a total of 3 stone and happier than ever! I am no longer dieting, I eat cake if I want to, I eat crisps if I want to, but I simply eat in moderation! (except I have put on a little over Christmas oopppsie!

I recently returned from a holiday in Portugal and here are some pics of the new and happy me. The first image is my newest 'before and after' so you can not only see how much I put on when I was at Uni (stupid amount), but also how much I lost!

Trust me, I hate the first image on the left and it has taken me a lot of courage to upload it! Before I put on weight I was a size 8-10, then I boosted up to 14-16 and now I am happily at 10-12! Admittedly I would like to tone up my stomach and lose what I put on over Christmas but it has made me so much happier and confident too.

I have dropped between 2-3 dress sizes overall and feel so much happier! Admittedly, I don't have a flat stomach, thigh gap or six pack like some on the hotties on Instagram, but that is not what I aimed for! I simply wanted to be happy and confident and that is what I achieved!

As I see that most are aiming to lose those pounds from Christmas or what they had put on over Uni, I wanted to give a general overview of what I did, and surprisingly it didn't take much, if any, exercise!

How I lost my weight ...

Ok I started my diet by focusing on my food consumption, as for me this was the main problem!

Throughout Uni Iived on pizza, chips, pasta, bread and lost of cheese so I weren't surprised to have put on so much so quickly! This was on top of excessive drinking and lots of takeaways but admittedly at the time I had fun!

So first of all, I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app which is free and set my goal weight/size! The app then said I should only consume max 1200 calories a day to ensure I lost weight. And thats what I did!

I had a routine for my food and ate the same thing daily as I really was motivated to lose the weight. Yes this did get boring but I wanted to give it my all! Some may say this is excessive and the wrong way about it, at the time I didn't know if it was the right thing to do but hey ho it worked for me.

For breakfast I would eat bran flakes with semi skimmed milk.
For Dinner I would eat a fruit salad with a low cal/fat yoghurt to snack on too
And for tea, I ate many different soups with veg or meats! 

At weekends I would have a treat which may have been a Jacket Potatoe, New Potatoes and veg, or even a mini milk ice-cream which only had 30 calories in! I found it was all about counting the calories in each food item! Simply search for the item on the app, or scan the barcode and measure everything you consume.

However, there are other things that I found helped!

I made small changes such as water rather than a bottle of coke, wholemeal low cal bread rather than white thick, and even if I did want a snack such as a packet of crisps, I would opt for quavers or skips which are low calorie than any other!

However, it didn't end there! I made sure I completed a bit of exercise everyday whether it was going for an hour walk, bike riding, or skipping in my garden.. every little helps!

I am in no way saying I am a fitness expert, or give great nutritional advice... it just simply worked for me! Many people thought once I had stopped doing this that I would pile the weight back on but fortunately I haven't. As long as I eat in moderation, make sensible choices, and swapping unhealthy foods for the lower calorie ones then all is ok!

I wish everyone luck for anyone trying to lose weight or tone up in the new year! I would love to see anyone else stories or tips to improve particularly tips to tone up and lose the belly flab which I still have going on! 

My friend Eve, is hugely inspirational when it comes to health and fitness! She is super committed and provides great tips for healthy baking at :

I would love to receive links or your stories on your progression!

Is your aim to lose wight or tone up in 2015???

Lots of Love Carrie

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