As I write this post, its 30 degrees outside and its scorching! Being inside is not necessarily something you want to do when its this hot, however one thing I have wanted to do is add a summer touch to what feels like my cosy/autumn vibe living room.

With rustic vibes and cosy throws, Ive felt its time to add some brightness to my living room and a touch of colour. And here's how to get that look ....

Bright Print Cushions

Zara Home

Zara Home

(Esprit): Multi, digital ,  dots, Bird,  splash, feather 

Indoor Faux plants and cactus 

Ikea £12

ikea: £19.95

Ikea £39

Ikea £4.50 for 3 

Ikea £20

Wall Prints









So those of you that follow me on Instagram, you will probably have noticed I have amazing eyelashes! Ok no, they're not real! They are false but I absolutely love them!

I wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis. Basically, you know there's always that one kid that finds scissors and decides to cut their fringe short. Well I was that kid! But instead I cut off my eyelashes instead of my fringe (my sister did her fringe). I KNOW RIGHT! What was I thinking! I'm not sure - but basically they struggled to grow long again. Yes they grew back but not as long as they were and therefore I started wearing fake eyelashes when I was around 14!

Over the years, Ive changed lashes. Trying different ones from £10 a pair ones to Ebay £1.99 ers. I have shopped around and found some truly awful ones but these however are my absolute fave! I was accidentally sent these ones by a brand on Ebay (I ordered a different set) but to my surprise they were they best i'd ever seen!

They are thick and long, just how I like it, but also quite 'flicky' and had that natural look. They are lightweight (which is a must have when you wear them daily as they seriously weigh your eyelids down) and the best bit - they're just £2.79 with free delivery.

Before people think this is an AD, I swear it is not. I genuinely rate these as the best fake eyelashes ive ever bought and cant believe the price for 5 pairs!!!! So many people have commented on them on Instagram or even in real life so I thought id share a post and let you all in to my little secret and tell you wear I buy them.

Helping you girls out ;)

SO - they're from Ebay which you can find here . Enter the below details and you're done!

Thank me later

I have been obsessing over the marble look recently adding some small touches to my home, particularly my kitchen. The marble, white, black and copper mix is literally what I dreamt of when buying my own house and yes I achieved it and with a low budget! 

When you think of marble you think expensive. Which most of the time it is especially if you want a marble kitchen worktop for an example, but when it comes to home accessories you really can find some amazing pieces as relatively low costs! I've had a quick look online and pulled together my favourite pieces!

Here you go...

Starting with Wall Art from Desensio 

£22.95 for feather wall art  (30 x 40 cm) and £22.95 for diamond wall art (30 x 40cm)

£9.95 for 30 x 40cm

£11.95 for 30 x 40 cm

£22.95 for 30 x 40 cm

Side Table Asda £50 in Sale 

console table Oliver Bonas £300
Living Room Accessories

wall clock £20 

Iphone dock station £110 Amara Living
Urban Outfitters £90

Lamp £110
£70 Wayfair 
Kitchen accessories

Oliver Bonas marble chopping board £30

Matalan marble chopping board £10

Marble coaster £10 

Marble mug £10
Next 12 piece marble dinner set £35
Bathroom accessories

toothbrush holder Matalan £3
Soap dispenser Matalan £4

Check out my home posts here or my Instagram for inspo

Over Christmas I spent the night in the Marriot hotel in Leeds and it was absolutely amazing. Here are some pictures of my Christmassy night

Outfit details can be found here:

Dress: Missguided